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I teach you how to improve your intuition, understand your personal word alchemy (words CAN change your life after
all!), and how to achieve inner peace once and for all.

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" Lisa Starr Francis is the real deal... she's just like me!!"

I ’ve always said, “True Alchemy is being able to transform “what is” into “what you want it to be!”

If you’ve ever wanted to create and dream life with infinite possibilities, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you as you begin to find personal peace, joy, and possibility in your every day.

As a channel, my gifts and magic weren’t something that I tried to manifest, I was minding my own business when Spirit decided I needed to help you, and others like you, connect with Spirit in fun and magical ways.

I mean, Oracle cards are one thing! A magic wand and word alchemy? Spirit has a sense of humor!

If you feel like the Universe and its woo has a sense of humor, you believe in the magic of alchemy, and are open to the idea that words are a potent agent of change, you’re in the right place.

"Being able to witness Lisa read live was a mesmerizing and wonderful privilege in and of itself. A few of us sat on the floor at her feet and I marveled. Lisa just opened up and absolutely came alive while she shared what was coming through her. This woman is pure magic with skin on!"
Jen Taylor
Since I started using The Word Oracle Alchemy System I realized that Lisa truly understands what I need in order to live a life that is joyful and stress free, every single day. The Word Alchemy Oracle System is a truly fascinating guide to consult as I move through my days. Each morning when I pull a card, it changes the trajectory of my day for the positive. Just today, I pulled the “My personal peace is choosing to dream all kinds of new possibilities” card and right after that I received an email that has my copywriting services booked for the next 6-months! Not only is The Word Oracle Alchemy System my new favorite daily oracle card pull, Lisa is so gracious and caring in her work. She appreciates all of us in her community and knows just what we need to live our best (and most peaceful) lives. Thank you, Lisa!

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Take a moment to get a glimpse of your personal reading from my Oracle Deck, The Word Oracle Alchemy System:

Want to learn more about my divinely inspired oracle system?

I sat down with Colette Baron-Reid and talked about how the card deck came to be. Hint: Spirit never told me what it was or how it would work! I had to be patient during the process, take it step by step as it was revealed to me and TRUST the process.

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I love oracle cards, I collect them, have way too many decks. Mostly I am dedicated to Colette Baron-Reid's decks but there is a deck that has a big piece of my heart now as well. Lisa Starr Francis is a word alchemist and she has created the most amazing, beautiful deck, an entire system in fact. Lisa's system is so powerful and has a magical way of untangling the knots we get into regarding words. I use her system when I need to do some serious undoing but her deck, be still my heart! Each card is represented by a painting that Lisa did, all while repeating the words of ho'oponopono. And these paintings are so incredibly beautiful that I am often brought to tears when I look at them. They touch my heart so deeply. I often pull a card just for the painting, to be swept up in and surrounded by their immense beauty.
Michele Snelling
Salt Scrub Queen

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