Are you ready to raise your vibration, connect with spirit, and create word alchemy and magic?

Yes? Great! We do all of that here.

Hi, I’m Lisa Starr Francis, The Word Alchemist.

I want you to know: Spirit has BIG plans for you in your life.
Plans that include dreaming up all kinds of new possibilities for you and work, love, finances, family, friends, community, or wherever you’re hoping to alchemize magic back into your day-to-day.

"I've been with Lisa for some card readings and I was very astounded by her deep care and delivery of the messages she receives from Spirit.... Without a doubt, Lisa has a deeper connection as she had me pegged spot on about some issues I had in my much younger days that nobody knew about....."
Louise McLean Farkas

Spirit has sent you here for a reason, and I’m happy to welcome you.

I see you, I do. You’re a seeker, a reader, a lover of curiosity (and words!) You’re looking to forge new pathways and relationships in your life, and you truly desire to know what life has in store for you. You’re ready to take bold new steps into the unknown, and you’re looking for guidance as you do so. You see oracle decks and trusting your intuition as a way to enhance your metaphysical practices. 

(You probably also have crystals hidden all over your house and altars at every window sill!)

Good news!

I’m a spiritual guide, divine channel, and word alchemist here to help you uncover those plans so you can live your life with peace and joy, all day, every day!

Before we go further, let me say this: if you’ve experienced heartache or fear about your journey and path, I get it.

My path has been a long and wild road to where I am now – 10 years ago, my husband and I lost everything, including our home and our income, and had to rebuild our lives from scratch. It was a time full of doubt and confusion.

As we trusted the process and humbly asked Spirit and our community for help, beauty emerged from the heartache. The beauty of this rebuild?

The Word Oracle Alchemy System was born. A system to help you create change and healing in your life to build new pathways to success for your future.

When my husband and I were on a new road rebuilding our life (as hard as it was at times!) I learned to trust my intuition and channel my guides so I could help you, on your path, today.

Over the years, divinely guided by spirit, I often would raise my hands and ask out loud: “ What the heck, Spirit? What is this journey you’re taking me on?”

From there, more trust, fist-shaking at the ceiling, and laughter were required but then, out of this curiosity, The Word Oracle Alchemy System arrived, and I’m bringing it to you.

Let me ask you this: Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel to nowhere sometimes?

Maybe you feel like you take strides towards your goals, but you can’t seem to reach them?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, and you’re just about to throw in the towel on your dreams?

Before that towel hits the mat – hear me out:

If you’d like to transform your relationship with yourself (and add more magic into your life!) through the use of words, oracles, and a pinch of playful processes – The Word Oracle Alchemy System is for you.


I believe your words can be the wands to help you create the life you want. It’s not just about affirmations; it’s about allowing our minds to develop new neural pathways for our healing.

Word alchemy does just that.

It allows you to harness your own words’ magic power so that you can become a word alchemist yourself!

The result? You begin to release the power that your old stories hold over you and begin life in fresh new ways.

New pathways of magic, serendipity, and healing open before you, and you learn to:

●  Trust your intuition.
●  Raise your vibration to connect with Spirit
●  Change your words to change your life.
●  Find inner peace and joy.

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Before we sign off – I wanted to offer up my “Official Bio” – fancy, right?

Lisa Starr Francis Official Bio

Lisa Starr Francis is a Word Alchemist and the author of The Word Oracle Alchemy System, a playful 2-sided oracle deck with a twist or two. Her uncanny ability to ‘hear deeply’ and know, plus her sense of fun, allows Lisa to bring forward candid, personal messages and insights that serve the highest good.

Lisa shares what she knows about the power contained in words. The fact is that all words hold energy; whether writing words, or speaking words, or thinking words, it is all ‘spelling.’

Lisa’s daily card messages, her classes, and occasional challenges are just some of the tools she offers as a means for creating a sovereign relationship with words and developing the ability to command your word-wand to serve the highest good for yourself and others.

Have questions?
Want to learn more?
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Helping you find your inner alchemy.